The following can be attributed to Dr. Bernadette Kappen, chair of the 4201 Schools Association and executive director of The New York Institute for Special Education:

“We are extremely disappointed in the Governor’s decision to move forward with a proposed $2 million cut in funding for our 4201 schools.

Following the Governor’s proposal to fully fund Foundation Aid and provide historic increases in support to public school districts, we thought the proposed cut to our operational budget may have been a mistake since our children deserve every opportunity available to other students. Unfortunately, after seeing no changes in the 30-Day Budget Amendments, it is clear the Governor has made a conscious decision to cut funding for New York’s schools serving blind, deaf, and severely physically disabled children. We continue to respectfully request the Governor’s reconsideration of this cut.

We appreciate the advocacy and support of our state legislators and Education Chairs Senator Mayer and Assemblyman Benedetto, and hope to work together to ensure that the necessary funding our students need and deserve is included in the enacted state budget.”In February, the 4201 Schools Association, which represents 11 schools across the state, delivered a letter to Governor Hochul requesting that the $2 million be restored during the 30-day amendment period. Additionally, several 4201 school boards sent letters with the same request. The Association has not yet received a response from the Governor’s office.

Click here for a full list of 4201 School priorities and budget requests.

The 4201 Schools Association represents 11 schools located in Erie, Monroe, Westchester, Bronx, Kings, Queens, Nassau, and Suffolk counties. The schools support nearly 1,400 students who are blind, deaf, and severely physically disabled from across New York State, and are nationally recognized for their expertise and achievement. Learn more at, and @4201Schools on Twitter and Facebook.