“At our 10 member schools serving students who are blind, deaf and severely physically challenged, the classroom extends far beyond the school walls. Our teachers and staff provide education, care, and services to students and their families year-round – as we strive to optimize their abilities.

The bills introduced by our Assembly leaders are critical to ensuring health care, employment, and housing opportunities are available to our students, their families, and all other New Yorkers.

The 4201 Schools Association appreciates the commitment demonstrated by Speaker Heastie and Minority Leader Barclay for taking action to improve the lives of New Yorkers with disabilities.”

About the 4201 Schools Association:

The 4201 Schools Association’s mission is to enhance and advocate for the education and future of New York’s children with low-incidence disabilities. Each school has its own board of directors and receives financial support for operations and programming from the New York State Department of Education. There are 10 private, state-supported 4201 schools across New York State that are members of the Association.

To learn more, visit www.4201schools.org or follow us on Twitter at @4201Schools and Facebook at @4201SchoolsAssociation.