4201 Schools Association leadership comments on the career of Dr. Mowl.

Editor’s Note: Dr. Harold Mowl, who represents Rochester School for the Deaf on the 4201 Schools Association Board, this week announced his retirement from the school, effective in August, 2014.

The following is attributable to Bernadette Kappen, Ph.D., 4201 Schools Association chairwoman and superintendent of the New York Institute of Special Education in the Bronx.

“For the past 45 years, Dr. Mowl has been an educator, advocate, administrator, peer leader and friend to those in the deaf community and beyond. His instincts and vision have helped shape the conversation about people with disabilities, and his work has inspired a generation of students, educators and colleagues. We will miss his guidance and counsel, but wish him and his family the very best in retirement.”

The following is attributable to Timothy Kelly, 4201 Schools Association vice chairman and superintendent of St. Mary’s School for the Deaf in Buffalo.

“Dr. Mowl has always been a devoted advocate for all people with disabilities, in New York and nationwide, especially those students with whom he had direct interaction and influence throughout his 45-year career. He has, and always will be, a mentor and a friend. On behalf of the 4201 Schools Association, I offer sincere congratulations on his retirement and wish him and his wife, Mary, continued health and happiness in this next exciting phase of their lives.”

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