“New York City DOE has known of the Institute’s start date since June, yet we were informed via email just over a week ago after 9 p.m., that they’ve decided transportation for our students will not begin until September 13 – days after classes are set to begin.

The children we serve and their families are the ones who will feel the consequences resulting from DOE’s lack of communication and organization.

And, we are not alone.

Combined there are hundreds of students, in addition to those at the NYISE, such as the Henry Viscardi School (Nassau County), the Lavelle School for the Blind (the Bronx), and St. Francis de Sales School for the Deaf (Brooklyn) returning to the classroom as soon as September 2, all of whom deserve the least restrictive learning environment possible – which is exactly what is available to them at our schools.

Any delay will be detrimental to their education. We urge DOE to immediately reverse their decision so that all of the children of the Association are provided with the essential services and support they deserve.”

Dr. Kappen additionally serves as Executive Director of the New York Institute for Special Education. It is located in the Bronx.