Friends of the 4201 Schools Association are asked to take action on Thursday, June 27, 2013, by asking your Congressional representatives to support two important laws that will improve educational outcomes for students with disabilities.

One bill, The Alice Cogswell Act, would make America’s special education system more accountable for meeting the unique language, communication and learning needs of deaf and hard-of-hearing children.

Similarly, The Anne Sullivan Macy Act, includes provisions that would ensure quality, accountability, educational excellence, professional development, research proliferation, and innovative assessments within the educational system that serves blind and visually impaired students.

To urge support for both acts, call 1-855-882-6229 to reach your U.S. House of Representatives member, and 1-877-959-6229 for your two U.S. Senators. Both calls are toll free. Taking action is easy. After you dial:

  • Enter your zip code when prompted.
  • Identify yourself.
  • Let them know you are a constituent; and
  • Ask them to sponsor the Alice Cogswell Act and the Anne Sullivan Macy Act.

Last, please share this announcement with family, friends, boards of directors, donors, parent groups, association members, alumni, community members, and all appropriate audiences to participate in the National Call-In Day. Thank you.