The 4201 Schools Association is pleased to announce several commencement ceremonies honoring the milestones of New York’s blind, deaf, and severely physically disabled students.

Together, the schools in the Association are graduating more than 280 students from programs ranging from infant and preschool readiness to high school. Sixty-eight of those students will be receiving their high school diplomas this month, proving a commitment to excellence built on a foundation of individualized education.

“These remarkable numbers represent not just the hard work of our students who are able to succeed in programs designed for them, but also the dedication of our teachers and staff,” said Bernadette Kappen, Chair of the 4201 Schools Association and Executive Director of the New York Institute for Special Education. “Our schools really do provide a learning environment where students can thrive.”

Please see the below for a full list of ceremonies and special events taking place across New York:

New York Institute for Special Education:
June 19 at 10AM: Readiness Program- 70 pre-school graduates.
June 20 at 6PM: Schermerhorn and Van Cleve – 11 High School Graduates, 13 Middle School Graduates and 3 Van Cleve Students.

Lexington School for the Deaf
June 15 at 9:30AM: 5th Grade Move Up -14 students
June 20 at 7PM: High School -17 graduates
June 21 at 10AM: Middle School -14 graduates
June 22 at 9:30AM: Pre-School -11 graduates

St. Francis School for the Deaf
June 19 at 1PM: 8 graduates

St. Joseph’s School for the Deaf:
June 15 at 10:30AM: 8 graduates

Henry Viscardi School:
June 20 at 1:30PM: 8th Grade- 14 graduates
June 21 at 7PM: High School- 17 graduates

Cleary School for the Deaf:
June 13 at 10AM: Parent Infant Program (PIP) -10 graduates
June 18 at 10AM: Preschool Program -19 graduates
June 21 at 6PM: High School-2 graduates

New York School for the Deaf (Fanwood)
June 22 at 10AM: 13 Graduates

Rochester School for the Deaf
June 18 at 10AM: Elementary School (K-5) Awards
June 18 at 12:30PM: 5th Grade Moving up-6 students
June 20 at 1:30PM: Early Childhood Center Pre-K Moving up- 6 students
June 21 at 8:30AM: High School awards
June 21 at 12:30PM: Middle School awards and 8th grade moving up-10 students

St. Mary’s School for the Deaf
June 7 at 6PM: Sports Banquet
June 14 at 7PM: Graduation-8 Graduates