The 4201 Schools Association is pleased to announce that legislation has been introduced in both the Senate and Assembly authorizing the Dormitory Authority (DASNY) to fund capital investments on its campuses serving blind, deaf and severely physically disabled students.

Senator Carl Marcellino and Assemblywoman Catherine Nolan introduced the bills (S.8919 and A.11196) earlier this month. The 4201 Schools Association is grateful to both lawmakers for their leadership and support and looks forward to consideration by the entire legislature.

“Our school infrastructures are aging and it’s a significant challenge for school officials to find the right financing tools to make the necessary repairs to keep our students safe,” Bernadette Kappen, Chair of the 4201 Schools Association and Executive Director of the New York Institute for Special Education. “Having the ability to access DASNY funds for these repairs will provide additional financial flexibility and will allow us to continue focusing on the education and well-being of our outstanding students.”

DASNY funding is essential to assisting the 4201 schools in undertaking capital projects that are essential elements of their long-term planning and operation. The Association is pleased to have the support of Senator Marcellino and Assemblywoman Nolan as it continues to make the health and safety of our students a priority for all of our schools.