Students Cheer In Celebration Of Graduation At Henry Viscardi School In Nassau County.
Students Cheer In Celebration Of Graduation At Henry Viscardi School In Nassau County.

Students cheer in celebration of graduation at Henry Viscardi School in Nassau County.

Bronx School Meeting With Senate

Students, staff and parents from Lavelle School for the Blind, The New York Institute for Special Education and St Joseph’s School for the Deaf stand with state legislators following a meeting in the Bronx.

Students Engage And Learn From Staff And Peers At Henry Viscardi School In Nassau County.

Assemblyman Benedetto and two students from St. Joseph’s School for the Deaf smile for the camera.

Latest News and Updates

Statement on the Passing of U.S. Senator Robert Dole

Statement From The 4201 Schools Association On The Passing Of Senator Robert Dole: The 4201 Schools Association, representing 10 schools across New York State serving children who are blind, deaf, and severely physically disabled, honor the life and legacy of…

Returning to the Class Room, After a Year Unlike Any Other

September marked the return of our students for the start of the new school year. The first to ring the bell on September 2 was the Henry Viscardi School (Nassau County), Cleary School for the Deaf (Suffolk County) and St.…

Hundreds of disabled NYC students left without school buses after Edu Dept. delays service for specialized private schools

Hundreds of city students with significant disabilities could be left stranded for a week or more for a second consecutive year after the city Education Department abruptly switched the start date for yellow school bus service for at least four…

NBC New York: School Busing Issues For Kids With Physical Disabilities

4201 Schools in New York City speak out against discriminatory decision that has left children without safe, reliable transportation to school. School buses in New York City are not rolling until a week after classes start, creating problems for children…

Newsday: Schools for the disabled have to deal with busing issues

To view the full story, visit Newsday's website: *** LONG ISLAND SCHOOL FOR DISABLED STUDENTS HAVING TO DEAL WITH BUSING ISSUES by John Hildebrand - August 31, 2021 5:00 AM "They're leaving our parents with no way to receive educations…